Is it wrong to want more ‘me time’?

Post crash, post Covid, post libido and past caring. Ecce homo, ecce Boomer, ecce Man in the Middle – the stale meat in the inter-generational sandwich.

The author who won the Sandstone Short Fiction Prize in 2020. This blogs appears quite often in  Age Space and The Chiswick Calendar.

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The car smells of Boomer despair

Our car is as ancient as a Viking long ship and as glamourous as a discount warehouse baked bean can. Something inside the old jalopy smells bad, like pickled face flannel, but it’s not so bad that you want to puke and with the windows open it’s bearable over short distances. However, today, I’m drivingContinue reading “The car smells of Boomer despair”

My cat is better at cleaning itself than I am

Melvyn Bragg, two academics and an oceanographer are in my bathroom chatting away about the late Devonian Extinction when 70 percent of life on earth died, while I lie in my broiling hot bath. They are debating if the trilobites were wiped out by a single catastrophic event or passed away due to changes inContinue reading “My cat is better at cleaning itself than I am”


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