The Diary of a Male Boomer

This is the diary of a male Boomer. A man who walks the tightrope between the demands of his Mother, wife and kids when all he wants is more ‘me time’.

Rubbish annuity rates

For ten years, Man in the Middle has dreamt of early retirement and a Third Age of booze cruises, spa treatments and fine wine. But the financial crash and rubbish annuity rates have shattered his pipedream or at least put it back several years.

Too old to rock & roll

Now, he is too old to rock and roll and too young to cash in his pension. All he sees ahead of him is the further decline of the Bank of Mum and Dad as it finances carer’s fees for his Mother and student loans for his children. And, for God’s sake, don’t get him started about Brexit.

Angry? He has a right to be

He is confused, occasionally angry. But is it really so wrong for him to want some ‘Me Time’?

Post Crash, Post Covid, Post Libido, Post Caring: Ecce homo. Ecce Boomer.

Ecce Man in the Middle.

Based on the real life experience of the author who won the Sandstone Short Fiction Prize in April 2020, Man in the Middle is the diary of a male Boomer in which he tries to make sense of the demographic time bomb and the emotional and social challenges facing multi-generational households in the UK and the rest of the world.

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