The Diary of a Male Boomer

This is the diary of a male Boomer. A man who walks the tightrope between the demands of his Mother, wife and kids when all he wants is more ‘me time’. Post Crash, Post Covid, Post Libido, Past Caring. Ecce homo. Ecce Boomer. Ecce Man in the Middle.

Based on the real life experience of the author who won the Sandstone Short Fiction Prize in April 2020, Man in the Middle is published by  Age Space and The Chiswick Calendar.

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The runway to Me Time is clear for take off.

I unlock the door and breath a huge sigh of relief. Thought for the Day hasn’t even finished and all my tasks for the day are done. I hang the car keys up and let a smile hitch up the corners of mouth. The runway to ‘Me Time’ is clear for take off. How come?Continue reading “The runway to Me Time is clear for take off.”

Mixed emotions about the day ahead

I often wake up with mixed emotions about the day ahead. I’m not sure why. Mornings weren’t always like this and I used to be at my best before lunch. Carpe diem was my usual morning battle cry. I was like a young Bertie Wooster, pumped on Highballs for Breakfast. Now, I start most daysContinue reading “Mixed emotions about the day ahead”


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