Why don’t you stay at home in bed?

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Keep the NHS safe. Get back into bed….An homage to Ian Drury & the Blockheads written with @drtimbeard

Reasons to be cheerful

Why don’t you stay at home in bed?

Why don’t you stay at home in bed?

Spend the day in jamas, making wool from llamas

Watching melodramas and Twitter jokes

Reading Harry Potter, making up with daughter,

Calling up your granny and long-lost folks

Stockpile serotonin, ignore all the phone-ins

An hour of melatonin, online yoga

Chewing knobbly carrots, watching movie classics

A little drop of claret, knit your dog a toga

Working in the study, phoning up your buddy,

Getting fuddy duddy,

Cleaning out the cupboards, Old Mother Hubbard,

Ciabatta bread.

Trampolines for bouncing, making chocolate fountains,

Bridget Bardot, Waiting for Godot, Turandot.

Clap the Healthcare workers, watch some old tear jerkers,

Jogging on the spot,

Do the NHS a favour and get back into bed

Why don’t you get back into bed?


Why don’t you stay at home in bed?

Why don’t you stay at home in bed?

Why dont you stay at home in bed?

Now cheer yourself up by listening to the real thing


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