Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living

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All men secretly think they are heroes. If you man thinks he’s Mr Incredible, that’s fine. Mr Incredible has an admirable sense of family. But, if your man thinks he’s Ulysses, the mythological Greek warrior, don’t act like his long serving wife Penelope. Ulysses took ten years to return home, which was unacceptable even in the days of chariots.

And, while he muddled home via various piss ups, punch ups and love island trysts, Penelope patiently waited at home, rejecting several potentially lucrative offers of marriage from other good looking, rich Greek aristocrats. The only thing she got from ten years of patience and self denial was a reputation as the worst weaver in Ithaca. Men like Ulysses don’t make good role models for kids and go AWOL at nappy time. Avoid them at all costs.

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