Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living: Is the BBC biased?

Is the BBC biased?

Some people say the BBC is biased and Jeremy Corbyn’s communist cousins run it.

They also say that the world has gone to sh*t since they were young.

Neither of these things is true but is becoming increasingly common in some circles.

To find out if you are in danger of becoming a right wing conspriacy theorist or an angry old person, take my simple three question test:

  • ‘The BBC is biased and a left-wing conspiracy’: Agree or disagree?
  • It was OK for Matt Hancock to pretend mailing out 23,000 covid tests was the same as doing 23,000 covid tests. Agree or disagree?
  • I follow DonaldTrump on Twitter because you think he’s a more trustworthy source of truth than the media. Agree or disagree?

If you agree with any of the above questions then I recommend you immediately:

  1. Change your newspaper
  2. Buy a dictionary
  3. Take therapy

Unless you do these three simple things it is highly likley you will become an old and bitter person in later life who keeps their old copies of the Daily Mail so they can read about the good old days.

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