Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living

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Men should stop worrying about their hair

Bad Grandma’s rules for living include: stop worrying about baldness. Fear of baldness is as wide spread as the Oedipus complex but far less interesting or important. No right minded woman wants to hang out with a man who’s worried about his pate. Men: if you find yourself thinning, don’t become turn a carnival grotesque like Donald Trump by weaving a head of hair from a single thread. Stop worryuing about baldness, if it happens, it happens. Don’t waste your money on hair pieces or transplants.  Instead, buy a pair of clippers and shave all your hair off and then put the money you would have spent on all those transplants and toupees into an Global Equity Tracker fund. Sit back and watch it grow. The investment that is, not your hair.    

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