School’s Out: Truants, troublemakers & Teachers’ Pets

School's Out
An anthology of bad school reports

No. This is not another episode in the self obsessed life of the Man in the Middle.

As you will know from the last entry, my mother died in July.

Since then I have been digesting what it means to lose a mother and a parent.

And what her death means for this blog.

My conclusion is two fold:

(1) I no longer feel like a ‘man in the middle’

(2) ergo ‘Man in the Middle’ can be no more

That doesn’t mean the concept is dead.

I hope to turn the events and experiences (which were largely true to life) into a book about living with dementia and sharing one’s later life with an aged parent.

But, in the meantime, I wanted to thank those of you who have followed the blog here or at its other outlets.

And, if you liked the humour in this blog, you may want to take a look at my soon-to-be-released anthology of the best and worst school reports of famous Brits over the last 200 hears.

Called ‘School’s Out: Truants, troublemakers and teachers’ pets’ is available now from Sandstone Press.  here.

[For readers of the blog the Christmas discount code is SchoolPals25.]



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