Diary of a Covid Family

April 7: 00.00-05.00 Son: ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ = lock down life saver!  Dad would love it. ‘Houseparty’ chat: DEEP!  Is work necessary? Friendship Group agree it wouldn’t be that bad if none of us gets a job for the next decade because of the economic impact of Covid-19. So what if Boomers will haveContinue reading “Diary of a Covid Family”

Covid and the Dutch House

‘Is the ‘Dutch Housewife’ a porn movie?’ asks my son, looking up from his phone. ‘Why would we watch a porn movie while Granny’s still up?’ I reply. ‘Why would we watch a porn movie full stop?’ says my wife. ‘Dad said: ‘You’d like the ‘Dutch Housewife’?’ It sounds like a porno. Don’t get shirtyContinue reading “Covid and the Dutch House”

Day in the Life of a Covid Family

April 3, 2020 00.00-04.00 Son: ‘HouseParty’ chat: is Govt decision re A levels fair? Dad’s view is we’ve ‘got away with murder’ like someone called OJ Simpson. Friendship group agree Boomers like him have lost touch with reality and must be helped through these difficult times, despite their guilt viz climate change. Play ‘Overwatch’ forContinue reading “Day in the Life of a Covid Family”

Covid-19 versus Mother’s Day

The Sun and our cat are celebrating Mother’s Day together in the garden. The Sun is dry combing the grass and the cat is trampolining on it while shadow boxing with clouds of insects. He’s happy the months of muddy lawn are past, and the magnolia is flowering. This side of the patio doors, Mother’sContinue reading “Covid-19 versus Mother’s Day”