Shop with Mother

I don’t know many men who enjoy clothes shopping. I know even fewer who would risk buying clothes for their wives or girlfriends unsupervised. I did it once and never again want to feel the hopelessness provoked by my Wife asking: ‘Did you keep the receipt?’ I once had a male friend who enjoyed clothesContinue reading “Shop with Mother”

Hell is a holiday

Mother and I agree we are going to ignore the advice of the ex-Minister for Loneliness to ‘take your grandparents on holiday’. She used to take her parents on holiday with her and wants us to follow her lead. It’s part of a strategy to ‘beat loneliness’. Mother does not think the Minister’s advice isContinue reading “Hell is a holiday”

Mother is like a gorilla

Since my father died, I have tried to persuade Mother to make a Will. It has been a decade long guerrilla war fought on behalf of the old fashioned principles of Good Sense and Forward Planning. But I’ve not made any headway. My Wife calls this on-going contest the ‘War of the Wills’. Mother isContinue reading “Mother is like a gorilla”

Bored Meeting

Mother, age 95, is going to move in with us. It’s a question of when, not if, according to my wife. I am not as sure as she is. Mother actually hasn’t said she wants to move in.   But my Wife hasn’t made a mistake this decade, so I’m following her instruction to ‘getContinue reading “Bored Meeting”

Letter to Mother

Mother is 95 years old. Her mind is as sharp as ever as is her tongue.  ‘Your stomach is larger than your father’s when he had his stroke. If you don’t do something soon, you’ll go the same way,’ she says. She reserves her lectures for me. Everyone else gets a grey-age, charm offensive. SheContinue reading “Letter to Mother”