Christmas Crackers

We didn’t watch the film ‘Zulu’ this Christmas. Instead, we relived it. Not literally, of course. But, as wave after wave of friends and relatives hurled themselves upon our hospitality, continuously probing for shortfalls in our goodwill and our wine supplies, home felt like Rorke’s Drift, the beleaguered army post in the movie.  There wereContinue reading “Christmas Crackers”

Mother nearly sets the house on fire

It is essential Mother doesn’t feel like a lodger in our home if this experiment in our family life is to work. According to my wife, she must have full citizenship, not just a second rate settled status. ‘She has to feel this home is as much hers as ours. We must encourage her toContinue reading “Mother nearly sets the house on fire”

Burning the evidence

Mother is sitting in the window leafing intently through a stack of loose leafed old photographs. She studies the picture on the front and then slowly turns it over to check the back like an archeologist gently handling an ancient artifact for clues.  Her chair has high wooden armrests and a deep seat so theContinue reading “Burning the evidence”