Calls from beyond the grave

Mother is having a problem with her new phone or rather with the people who are calling her on it.  She thinks she’s the victim of a sustained hoax. ‘Ever since I moved in with you, the only people who call me talk in strange foreign accents. I don’t understand a word they say.’ ‘It’sContinue reading “Calls from beyond the grave”

Mother Moves In

I am hanging Mother’s paintings and pictures in my study. The study smells of drying paint and I have a headache. I am not sure if the ache is because of the paint’s volatile organic compounds or because I cannot hang a single painting straight. I am frustrated because I’m not even winging it likeContinue reading “Mother Moves In”

Mother’s Religion is Cakeism

Mother thinks Boris Johnson is right about cake. She supports having it and eating it like he does. She also tells me no British politician is stupid enough to let the trade negotiations damage the cake supply chain. ‘Cake shortages caused the French revolution. They won’t repeat that mistake. Anyway, Britain survived the War withoutContinue reading “Mother’s Religion is Cakeism”