Leonardo Da Vinci

Somewhere in the world there’s always a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition open, or about to open. Which means someone, somewhere is always blathering on about Da Vinci’s genius for designing scuba gear centuries before it became a reality. Mother is listening to someone doing exactly this and she is not impressed. Mother values domestic appliancesContinue reading “Leonardo Da Vinci”

The Tardis

Mother is like Dr Who. She is a Time Lord and has a Tardis, which she uses frequently to travel back to the past. Like Dr Who, she doesn’t like to travel alone, so she usually recruits fellow travellers from friends and family.  Sometimes, she press gangs complete strangers on board like a nonagenarian pirate. Continue reading “The Tardis”

Bored Meeting

Mother, age 95, is going to move in with us. It’s a question of when, not if, according to my wife. I am not as sure as she is. Mother actually hasn’t said she wants to move in.   But my Wife hasn’t made a mistake this decade, so I’m following her instruction to ‘getContinue reading “Bored Meeting”