Should men wear Alice bands?

My wife looks up and sniggers. The children turn around, exchange a shrug of their eyebrows and swivel back to their cereal bowls. ‘What’s so funny?’ I ask myself. Is the cat behind me moon walking on the hob or playing table football with the butter dish? He’s always trying to upstage me with hisContinue reading “Should men wear Alice bands?”

Moonpig, Mother and me during lockdown

It’s five months since Mother got sucked into a demented game of ping pong between us, hospital and her nursing home. Four falls, four visits. Still fighting. In that time, she’s fractured her hip, caught Covid and won the Cheeriest Personality of the Year at the local gerontology department’s Christmas awards after charming them duringContinue reading “Moonpig, Mother and me during lockdown”