A cure for baldness may be down to mice follicles

Donald Trump will be saved from a comb over, perhaps Scientists have successfully grown patches of human hair on mice. The Times says this is a big step towards a cure for baldness and will allow scientists to generate ‘a limitless supply of hair follicles’. I don’t think it’s fair to treat mice as unpaidContinue reading “A cure for baldness may be down to mice follicles”

Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living

Men should stop worrying about their hair Bad Grandma’s rules for living include: stop worrying about baldness. Fear of baldness is as wide spread as the Oedipus complex but far less interesting or important. No right minded woman wants to hang out with a man who’s worried about his pate. Men: if you find yourselfContinue reading “Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living”