The kost of fixing Kitty

Our cat has been bitten by a fox. The wounds on his leg are weeping yellow pus and the skin around the teeth marks are receding like a sneer. I’m at the vet with my daughter waiting to be told what the cost of fixing Kitty will be. ‘We found two fractures in his pelvis,’Continue reading “The kost of fixing Kitty”

My cat is better at cleaning itself than I am

Melvyn Bragg, two academics and an oceanographer are in my bathroom chatting away about the late Devonian Extinction when 70 percent of life on earth died, while I lie in my broiling hot bath. They are debating if the trilobites were wiped out by a single catastrophic event or passed away due to changes inContinue reading “My cat is better at cleaning itself than I am”

My Father’s Day marked the end of the patriarchy

Father’s Day. 07.30am. I sneak downstairs hoping to catch the family by surprise as they lay out a smorgasbord of gifts for me. Last Father’s Day, I shuffled downstairs late and a little the worse for wear. I had an old egg yolk stain on my T-shirt and a few day’s stubble. I received aContinue reading “My Father’s Day marked the end of the patriarchy”