My Covid Curry Diary

Ground Zero: I knew something was wrong at about 2am. Normally, I just sleepwalk to the loo for an early morning pee and return to bed hoping my bladder will leave me in peace for another four or five hours. But this morning was different. My limbs were shaking involuntarily like a Mexican Jumping BeanContinue reading “My Covid Curry Diary”

Chaos at Catania Airport

The woman at the British Airways desk refuses to check me in to the London flight until I can prove I am covid negative. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my covid certificate. I’ve shown her my passport, my ticket, my European locator form and my five-star guest rating on AirBnB. But these count for nothing, sadly. So,Continue reading “Chaos at Catania Airport”

The right to make eccentric decisions

My wife has finished painting the garden furniture pink. The paint has a fancy name like Boris’ Bubblegum or Flirty Flamingo and I’m worried. Not by the name of the paint. I don’t give a tinker’s cuss if Boris chews bubblegum or if flamingoes are flirty or not. But why has my wife chosen theContinue reading “The right to make eccentric decisions”