Day in the Life of a Covid Family

April 3, 2020 00.00-04.00 Son: ‘HouseParty’ chat: is Govt decision re A levels fair? Dad’s view is we’ve ‘got away with murder’ like someone called OJ Simpson. Friendship group agree Boomers like him have lost touch with reality and must be helped through these difficult times, despite their guilt viz climate change. Play ‘Overwatch’ forContinue reading “Day in the Life of a Covid Family”

Mother thinks I’m Joey Tribbiani

I wriggle my fingers into black leather driving gloves and take a plate of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon upstairs. It’s Mother’s birthday and I’m taking her breakfast in bed as a surprise treat. I knock on the door. There’s no answer. ‘Room service,’ I shout. I lean forward and knock again. I don’t usuallyContinue reading “Mother thinks I’m Joey Tribbiani”