A bad dementia day

At the nursing home my mother, like an eccentric monarch interrogating a much-missed servant, starts hurling questions at me. I haven’t  even stepped over the threshold of her room. Her questions merge into one current of untamed thought. Words cascade from her like one fluid sentence from James Joyce’s ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ or some other impenetrableContinue reading “A bad dementia day”

The kost of fixing Kitty

Our cat has been bitten by a fox. The wounds on his leg are weeping yellow pus and the skin around the teeth marks are receding like a sneer. I’m at the vet with my daughter waiting to be told what the cost of fixing Kitty will be. ‘We found two fractures in his pelvis,’Continue reading “The kost of fixing Kitty”

Fathers and sons

I’m staring out of the window of my son’s fourth floor flat on the Exeter university campus. It’s the start of his second term. Behind me, he is unpacking his suitcases and watering his cacti, which have somehow survived the Christmas season. Below Exeter is submerged under fog. A few church spires hold their headsContinue reading “Fathers and sons”