Mixed emotions about the day ahead

I often wake up with mixed emotions about the day ahead. I’m not sure why. Mornings weren’t always like this and I used to be at my best before lunch. Carpe diem was my usual morning battle cry. I was like a young Bertie Wooster, pumped on Highballs for Breakfast. Now, I start most daysContinue reading “Mixed emotions about the day ahead”

Mother may have dementia says the consultant

Mother is back home after ten days in the hospital. She is the centre of a lot of attention and not just from us, her family. She’s on the care list of the NHS integrated community response service team, which includes a nurse, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a social care assistant, a social workerContinue reading “Mother may have dementia says the consultant”

Will the exam fiasco trigger a children’s crusade?

Will the exam fiasco will trigger a new children’s crusade? I don’t mean a medieval religious crusade like the one in 1212.  Only a lunatic or Donald Trump would consider an actual religious crusade now. But might it trigger a modern children’s ‘Grade Crusade’ to reclaim the confiscated exam results stored in the vaults ofContinue reading “Will the exam fiasco trigger a children’s crusade?”

The mystery of the Colman’s mustard tin

‘Mrs. Johnson. Dr Smith will see you now.’ I am in the queue at the family clinic waiting to help Mother show the doctor her right leg which has turned blue like an uncooked lobster and ballooned up again.  ‘Mrs. Johnson?’ The doctor’s surgery makes me anxious. The people in it are ill or withering away.Continue reading “The mystery of the Colman’s mustard tin”

Never look your mother in the mouth

Mother has a silver salt cellar cupped in her hands which she holds out towards me as if she were a beggar. Her gesture reminds me of the scene in the musical Oliver when the young Oliver asks for a second portion of gruel. I am unsettled by her gesture and my reaction to it, butContinue reading “Never look your mother in the mouth”