Mother the matricide

Mother and I are answering a questionnaire called ‘Getting to Know Me’. It’s designed to give the staff at her new nursing home an insight into her history and her likes and dislikes. She moves shortly.  The questionnaire is a multiple-choice version of the BBC TV series ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’. Most ofContinue reading “Mother the matricide”

Father’s Day was a flop again

Father’s Day was a flop again this year. It took seven hours to drive down the creepy crawly Great British motorway to celebrate the day with my children who have been play acting at Californian beach bums in North Devon for the last week. Seven gear grinding hours at a cruising speed so imperceptible weContinue reading “Father’s Day was a flop again”

My cat is better at cleaning itself than I am

Melvyn Bragg, two academics and an oceanographer are in my bathroom chatting away about the late Devonian Extinction when 70 percent of life on earth died, while I lie in my broiling hot bath. They are debating if the trilobites were wiped out by a single catastrophic event or passed away due to changes inContinue reading “My cat is better at cleaning itself than I am”