Should men wear Alice bands?

My wife looks up and sniggers. The children turn around, exchange a shrug of their eyebrows and swivel back to their cereal bowls. ‘What’s so funny?’ I ask myself. Is the cat behind me moon walking on the hob or playing table football with the butter dish? He’s always trying to upstage me with hisContinue reading “Should men wear Alice bands?”

Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living: never wear pink

Never wear pink As you get older some colours should be avoided, especially pink. Pink is one of the worst style decisions you can make. It’s for Pink young people only. So I repeat: never ever wear pink. Here are some other golden rules for dealing with fashion for the old. You shrink as youContinue reading “Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living: never wear pink”

Covid makes pants pointless

I’ve given up wearing trousers. They’re superfluous in the current situation. Unless I have to go outside to the shops or for a walk, I can’t see any benefit in them. The same applies to shirts and shoes. Neither are necessary in this indoor world.  Pyjamas, on the other hand, have become more valuable thanContinue reading “Covid makes pants pointless”