An epidemic of Kindness (redacted)

The short story below won the Sandstone Press Prize for Short Fiction in 2020 To: CXXXXX MXXXXXX (Redacted)    Subject: Care Report (Personal)    Date: Viral Surge 15.1   Dear Mother I hope you are not alarmed to lose me to the War effort and are bearing Lock Down well. As this is not yourContinue reading “An epidemic of Kindness (redacted)”

Sandstone Short Fiction Prize

I shouldn’t break character but my creator has won the 2020 Sandstone Press short fiction prize for his story ‘An Epidemic of Kindness [redacted]’. Sandstone Press judge DanBrotzel described the piece as ‘dystopian’ and ‘sinister’. The Sandstone Press citation states: “In this dystopian satire – a partially redacted dispatch from a carer on the frontlineContinue reading “Sandstone Short Fiction Prize”