Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living: never wear pink

Never wear pink As you get older some colours should be avoided, especially pink. Pink is one of the worst style decisions you can make. It’s for Pink young people only. So I repeat: never ever wear pink. Here are some other golden rules for dealing with fashion for the old. You shrink as youContinue reading “Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living: never wear pink”

Can’t Hear, Won’t Hear

I’m waiting, shamefacedly, for my appointment with the audiologist at a leading high street retailer where Mother bought her hearing aid. The staff eye me furtively because this is my sixth appointment in a fortnight which they know can only mean one thing: Mother still refuses to believe her hearing aid works. They’re right. IContinue reading “Can’t Hear, Won’t Hear”

Rice pudding killed my Father

I am making chocolate rice pudding when my Mother asks me if I plan to poison her. She’s crept up next to me at the stove and is pointing at the pudding with a wooden spoon.   ‘Not yet. Though if you stir the pudding while I am trying to mix the rice with the meltedContinue reading “Rice pudding killed my Father”