Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living: Is the BBC biased?

Is the BBC biased? Some people say the BBC is biased and Jeremy Corbyn’s communist cousins run it. They also say that the world has gone to sh*t since they were young. Neither of these things is true but is becoming increasingly common in some circles. To find out if you are in danger ofContinue reading “Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living: Is the BBC biased?”

Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living

All men secretly think they are heroes. If you man thinks he’s Mr Incredible, that’s fine. Mr Incredible has an admirable sense of family. But, if your man thinks he’s Ulysses, the mythological Greek warrior, don’t act like his long serving wife Penelope. Ulysses took ten years to return home, which was unacceptable even inContinue reading “Bad Grandma’s Rules for Living”